Hybrid Survey

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After reviewing this web site and the features and function of the HEMP system :-
Interested in having a hybrid system?
Hybrids are inherently more expensive than a standard diesel installation. This is because there are more components. Apart from the engine there is a generator, motor, motor controller, system controller and batteries. The result is a higher manufacturing cost. A hybrid system provides better fuel economy. However in a pleasure boat, with limited use, the annual cost of fuel savings may be limited. Many other features are provided by the system and these must be valued by the user to help justify the inevitably higher system cost.
Are you willing to pay extra ?
If you were to purchase a new boat : think about all the features of HEMP and how they would improve your boating experience. Then decide how much extra you would be prepared to pay for a boat with these advantages
If you were buying a new boat
The cost of a hybrid system depends on it's power rating. For the purpose of this survey let's say you are replacing your existing 25 Hp engine. A new diesel may cost in the region of £4,000. What price increase would you be willing to consider for a HEMP system?
If you were replacing your engine
Rate the following features according to their importance to you.
Quiet operation
Economic cost of fuel saved
Less polution of the enviroment
Lots of power for mains appliances
A few questions about you and the boats you are interested in.
What type of boat do you use
Hull length
Sailing area
Additional comments